Crocodiles serve as ecosystem engineers helping to keep the mangrove swamps healthy by creating channels that maintain circulation through the roots.  They keep our waterways clean for humans, by eating any decayed matter and as the top predator in our wetlands, they help to maintain a balance in all the fish populations, keeping our fish stocks healthy.  Despite the important role crocodiles play, they are facing many threats from loss of habitat with the destruction of mangroves, poaching for tail meat and indiscriminate killings where people are killing crocodiles out of fear mainly due to lack of information. 

In addition to rescuing, housing injured/displaced crocodiles and responding to crocodile incident cases, Jamaica Swamp Safari Village produces healthy hatchlings annually.  Many of our hatchlings have become a part of the Holland Bay Headstart Program, where they will be raised in captivity for a few years before being released back into the wild. 

Not only is Jamaica Swamp Safari a designated rescue centre for displaced crocodiles, we are also a sanctuary for any injured or displaced protected wildlife, like the once thought extinct Jamaican Coney and the Jamaican Boa, commonly called Yellow Snake.  Depending on the time of day you visit, you may just be lucky enough to experience our daily visit from a flock of over 40 wild West Indian Whistling Ducks, who come to feed and check in with our resident waterfowl. 

Be sure to check out our hatchlings, babies and juveniles on your visit to the Safari.